About Me

About Me


I love to cook, and I love to eat!

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a large Italian family, surrounded by women who took pleasure in cooking and sharing their knowledge of the food from their country. My parent’s home, and that of my extended family, was always filled with love and family members sharing meals! I feel the same way about my home as well. My husband and I love to open our home to friends and family to share meals. When others enjoy the foods I prepare, it makes me very happy.

This love of cooking is only exceeded by my love of teaching. As a teacher and a life long learner, sharing my recipes, and helping others to feel confident in making Italian food permits me to pass on the teachings of several generations. My opportunity to study regional dishes in Tuscany, and the upbringing of my Southern Italian family foods lead me to combine these two loves – cooking and teaching!

Cooking classes are held in my home, which is located in Warren, IL (the surrounding area of Monroe, WI, Freeport, IL, or Galena, IL.) When you attend a class, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal for a special family occasion, a girl’s night out, a fun date night, a bridesmaid’s luncheon, or any other small group pre-chosen from my extensive menu. There will be four courses starting with Anti-pasto – or appetizer, with a Primi Piatti, or first course – usually a pasta or risotto course, followed by a Secondo, main course consisting of a protein and a contorni, or side dish – usually a vegetable, and a sweet ending – dolci- a dessert! I will offer my guests a complimentary glass of wine with your meal, and if you wish, you’re certainly welcome to bring additional wine as well! You’ll be able to relax a bit between courses, and linger over dessert with coffee.

In your cooking class, you will be “hands on” learning to make fresh pasta, techniques of the recipes you choose, pairings of foods that make for delightful combinations of seasonings and tastes.

Join me! It will be a meraviglioso (wonderful) experience! Grazie!